Seizing child recieving IN treatmentTherapeutic Intranasal Drug Delivery

Needleless treatment options for medical problems

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EMS (ambulance) training materials:


On Line EMS protocols involving IN therapy:

PDF of the New South Wales protocol (click here)

Fresno California EMS protocol for seizures (click here)  (Editors note - this protocol uses too low a dose of midazolam and needs revision based on efficacy, safety and dosing data from other pre-hospital studies - see Australian data directly below noting the need for proper weight based dose to achieve optimal results)

Australian community utilization of IN midazolam for seizures (click here)

Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas) EMS protocols including intranasal medication delivery as an intermediate skill - Sept 2010 update

Contra Costa EMS update 2010 (Intranasal naloxone comments on pp 38-50)

A Call for Widespread Application of Intranasal Medication Delivery in the Prehospital Environment

November 2008: Abstracted results of now completed Australian intranasal naloxone trial (Click here)

Intranasal naloxone blog interview with Debra Kerr - researcher using IN naloxone (click here)

BioTel (Dallas TX) presentation on EMS use of fentanyl and midazolam

EMS Review article on IN drug therapy

JEMS review article 2003 (Click Here)

Power point slide presentation - Intranasal medication delivery in EMS

EMS teaching slide sets with audio embedded

Intranasal drug delivery - General principles (20 minutes)
Intranasal drug delivery - Clinical application (30 minutes)
Updated November 2012 slide sets:
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care (abridged)
Intranasal medications for Trauma and Prehospital care (abridged )
Intranasal medications for rural and remote medicine (abridged)
Older slide sets

Download EMS Intranasal POWER Point file (click here) (PPT 2.4 MB)

Contra Costa EMS update 2010 (Intranasal naloxone comments on pp 38-50) (PDF 3.8 MB)

The nose knows - cost effectiveness of intranasal therapies (PDF Powerpoint 2.2 MB)

Dyer, Snuffing out the overdose: The Boston BLS nasal naloxone program (11 MB)