Seizing child recieving IN treatmentTherapeutic Intranasal Drug Delivery

Needleless treatment options for medical problems

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Teaching materials related to nasal medication delivery

Treatment Protocols (Click here)

Bibliography: Abstracted medical articles related to intranasal medication delivery (Click here)

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Intranasal drug delivery - General principles (20 minutes)
Intranasal drug delivery - Clinical application (30 minutes)

New Slide sets November 2012:

Intranasal medications for emergency medicine
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care (abridged)
Intranasal medications for Trauma and Prehospital care (abridged )
Intranasal medications for rural and remote medicine (abridged)
Intranasal medications for Hospice
Intranasal medications for Safe injection

Older slide sets:

IN Medications in EMS (Click here)
IN Medications in Hospice (Click here)
IN Medications in the clinical practice (Click here)
IN ketamine in military combat (Click here)
Intranasal fentanyl in pediatric emergency rooms (click here) -  Sally Britnell, RN presentation
Naleen Bhandari, Intranasal medication delivery overview.ppt